Wednesday, January 07, 2009

This morning's social media events!

If you're a writer - or if you have expertise in a field like PR, social media, marketing, life - join HARO. Peter Shankman's Help A Reporter is a must-sign-up-for three-email-per-day must-belong-to experience. If you're looking for sources, post your request at Read the list on the morning, afternoon, or evening emails to see if you can contribute. Often, if you contribute to a story, you'll get a mention and some will even include your website address. (My ENT is being featured in Good Housekeeping because I responded to a query for input.)

Another reason to sign up for HARO is that you'll get to see what others, as in those names that appear in all the places you want your name to appear as the author, are querying and to which publications. This point is often overlooked by the newbie writer.

And, you'll have the opportunity to email back and forth with, or talk on the phone with, published writers if your response to their query fits their needs.

MY WEBSITE is FINALLY back up and running after the final encounter of the raging 4+ year-old war with my former webhost. The final blood-letting scene had them shutting down my site on two day's notice - NINE days after my very serious spine surgery. (I'm chronicling my recovery at Living With Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis blog site. All of my blogs are listed on my website.)

I'm now with GoDaddy, which is The Writer's Chatroom recommended webhost of choice. (Use TWC's affiliate link to sign up. It helps support the chatroom.)

Oh, and I'm building my entire Linda's Gifts and Decor store within my writer's website. Many less hassles on both sides. Just click the link about half-way down the menu on the left.

If you don't Twitter, you're losing out! You'll meet so many who can contribute to your writing career. While checking out PodCast 2009 in Ohio's website (I follow them at Twitter), there was a link to Words to Mouth. What an excellent site for writers and readers! It's definitely worth the stopover. I'll be following them SOON, as in today.

HARO, GoDaddy, The Writer's Chatroom, Linda's Gifts and Decor, Linda J. Hutchinson, Living with Fibromyalgia and Osteoarthritis, Twitter, Words to Mouth, and PodCast 2009 in Ohio were all mentioned in this post. And many of those listed here will be included in other blogger's and website owner's sites.

See how social media works?

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