Monday, September 18, 2006

Review: Philippine Fever by Bruce Cook

This review may be found at Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine (FMAM).

Philippine Fever by Bruce Cook

I've gotten a bit behind on reading/reviewing while recovering from an illness and subsequent surgery. More to come soon!

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Sunday, June 25, 2006

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Review: Blue Valor by Illona Haus

Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, Blue Valor

Review of "Blue Valor", second crime/detective book out by Illona Haus. An excellent read!

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Review: Steven by Marvin Curtis Reid

Review of “Steven”
Author: Marvin Curtis Reid
Publisher: iUniverse

Foreword: I’ve decided after reading this book that “street fiction” isn’t my genre of choice and that choice comes through loudly in my review. Please consider this and draw your own conclusions. ljh

I believe the subject matter of this book has been ignored much too long. I also felt a sense of ‘justice has been done’ in the ending. The ending was believable and carefully crafted. The short stories of other abused men that followed the ending should have been edited, but added credence to the basis for the story.

The remainder of the book is an “I’m telling you this!”, rather than a careful and credible showing of the events taking place, which all lead up to Steven’s near demise at the hands of a very troubled woman named Julie/Julia/Baby (although all the women he beds are indiscriminately called “Baby”). While Steven readily acknowledges his lack of sexual self-control—and his inability to take responsibility for ‘responsible and safe’ sex with women he supposedly cares about—there is entirely too much free gratis and graphic raw sex to keep the average reader interested in the real story, which this reviewer believes needs to be told, but could be told much better with some careful editing.

It reads more as a rabbit’s romp from hole to hole, culminating in—at least Steven must believe he is a stud extraordinaire— his nearly being killed for these earth-shattering-sex-capable-of-changing-the-earth’s-orbital-axis dalliances. This reviewer believes more than a few women readers, before getting to the end of this tale, would think Steven deserves to be shot for his indiscreet indiscretions.

There were numerous spelling, grammar, punctuation and other syntax errors that took away from the story. One character in Steven’s life, a co-worker, was brought into the story promising, at the very least, more backstory, but suddenly disappeared from the cast with no warning, reasoning, or satisfying explanation.

More ‘fleshing out’ of characters, plot, and places is needed—but please NO MORE SEX SCENES!

Sexploitation—5 stars
Plot—1 star
Character development—2 stars
Pacing—3 stars

Review: Crimes Against Commerce by E. D. Easley

Title: Crimes Against Commerce
Author: E. D. Easley
Publisher: Cloonfad Press
ISBN: 0-9769404-3-4
Pages: 243

E.D. Easley is a snarky guy. We belong to the same writer's group, but that isn't why I chose to review his latest book. No, that reason will only be known to you AFTER you've read the book.

Irreverant, insightful, and at times--brilliant! Where else can you find a Mafia hit man, an IRS agent, a cat that won't die, Satan, God, a beautiful woman, and an oozing monster, all in the same book? And then there's "Stretch Walker".

A fun, freaky, frolicking ride all the way through this farce! “Life is stranger than fiction”…this one is so off the wall that it could happen in real life. It just could! And sometimes…it just does.

Brought to you in the living color that is E.D.'s everyday vocabulary, "Shit happens. It just does."

If you’ve never been to hell and back, climb aboard for a round trip in hilarious fashion. Hate your ex? These characters can take care of that matter for you. Ever been audited by the IRS? Just ask for redemption here.

Written in everyman’s everyday language, this one is a fun read. Go ahead—get lost in the world of E.D. Easley’s characters. Build your world around them. They’ll take you for a ride in theirs.

From Mafia hitmen to Sho Rin Ku master Kow Pi, you’ll savor each personna Stretch meets on his way through life. Life—the way it should be.

Reviewer: Linda J. Hutchinson

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Review: Wolves Eat Dogs by Martin Cruz Smith

This review may be read at FMAM

Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, Wolves Eat Dogs by Martin Cruz Smith

My Reviews at

My Reviews at

Review: Killing Neptune's Daughter by Randall Peffer

Killing Neptune’s Daughter
Randall Peffer
Speck Press
ISBN 13: 978-1-933108-05-6
ISBN 10: 1-933108-05-3

This review may be viewed at Futures Mystery Anthology Magazine, review of Killing Neptune's Daughter by Randall Peffer.

Sophfronia Scott "The Book Sistah"

Sophfronia Scott
The Book Sistah

Review; Unleash the Bestseller Within CD

The soothing, meditative narrative and selection of background music relaxes the mind, allowing the creative side—the magic—to come to the forefront. I’d never really thought about it before, but my best storylines, dialogue, opening lines, and creative works happen when I’m not trying to write. The best parts of my writing happen when I’m dreaming, or driving, or watching television. Your CD made me realize how important it is to allow my mind the freedom to be creative. The keys you provide to unlocking writer’s block are powerful!

You may purchase Sophfronia's CD at The Writer's Chatroom.

Review: Ladies: A Conjecture of Personalities by Feather Schwartz Foster

Ladies: A Conjecture of Personalities
by Feather Schwartz Foster

ISBN: 1-59286-361-2
PublishAmerica, LLLP

Never before have I enjoyed a romp through history so thoroughly. From the introduction by Lucy Hayes to the author’s epilogue claiming fictional, yet plausible, conjecture on the part of the “voices” who wrote their stories, a full and satisfying story is told. The reader feels what our First Ladies are re-living as they tell about their place in history—or lack thereof, about their husbands and about the times in which they lived.

I got the distinct feeling several of our First Ladies knew they would have made better Presidents than did their husbands, if the times had allowed. In reality, only the times have changed; we humans are as raw or refined, as wild or as tame, as selfish or as giving, regardless of the century we inhabit.

Through the many friendships and rivalries, the politics, and the “place” each woman was expected to inhabit, we learn how they lived and loved. To fully appreciate these women who were our First Ladies, we must allow them to live in our minds, to breathe and function, to grieve and rejoice. Feather Schwartz Foster brings the stage and the characters to us. All we need to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!

Linda J. Hutchinson
Freelance Writer, Reporter/Photographer, Copywriter

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