Saturday, January 31, 2009

Currently reading The Obama Nation

Currently reading The Obama Nation by Jerome R Corsi. Very interesting, fully annotated, biblio'd, and fact checked. It was written to make U.S. citizens fully aware so as to not vote for Obama for President. (Of course, I did not, even without reading this book.)

That didn't work, obviously. However, it does make us aware of what might happen in the Obama oval office.

Tears apart the un-truths, barely truths, and straight-out lies of Obama's Dreams from My Father, which he published in 1995 - which was written to prepare the voting public for his run for the presidency.

Interestingly, Mr. Obama has not sued Mr. Corsi for slander.

To track just how many of the nearly-500 campaign promises Mr. Obama made, snatch the link for the Obameter on my writer's blog.

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