Sunday, May 31, 2009

VBT--Christine Duncan, June 1st

Christine Duncan is the featured guest at a virtual book tour stop on June 1st. Her latest book, Safe House, isn't quite out yet due to some unfortunate delays. However, Christine will be stopping by to respond to reader's comments, so please check back often.

Thanksgiving is coming up fast and the snow is starting to fall, plunging Colorado into a winter wonderland.

But who has time to celebrate? Certainly not battered women's counselor Kaye Berreano. With two teens, a job that tends to claim all of her attention and a new relationship with police investigator Pete Farrell, Kaye is more than a little overwhelmed.

When a kid she has known since birth turns up dead and her own son, RJ becomes a suspect, Kaye is forced into an investigation that leads her from the safe house to her own house.

An excerpt is available at, where you may also snag your own copy for a most reasonable price.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Review: The Olive Horseshoe

Title: The Olive Horseshoe
Author: Ben F. Small
Publisher: Night Shadows Press
ISBN: 978-0-9799167-2-4
Pages: 357

Depth of character and exotic locales keep the action rolling at a clip which allows us license to accept that Denton Wright had become a billionaire at such a young age, that his insecurities were the driving force behind his martial arts training, and that he’d been on an extended kayaking—and soul-searching—trip through Maine when his father was murdered.

The prologue, which depicts the torturous murder of the senior Mr. Wright and a fellow traveler on a seniors’ excursion through Spain and Morocco, gives us as few clues to work from as it does Denton and his assistant, Mandy. Enter Jenna Rogers, daughter of the second ill-fated traveler and her California winery foreman Carlos, to rub raw the tangled mass of emotions.

The killer(s) left one signature calling card: The Columbian Necktie.

Add to the mix Howard Wright’s Manhattan law partner and his son, travel snafus, language barriers, break-ins, subsequent and supposedly unrelated murders, alpha-male personality issues, high-end surveillance gadgetry, an international drug cartel, and sheer gut instincts—and it’s one hell of a ride!

Will Denton find his soul as he grapples with the twisted minds of those intent on destroying him—and every other life he touches?

Delightful mystery/suspense/thriller. A very satisfying read.

Linda J. Hutchinson

Monday, May 04, 2009

The BOOKHOUSE Author Live Chats!

The schedule is up for the Bookhouse Chatroom author series! You'll notice MY chat on Thursday, June 11th. (Please notice that...)

Time: 9:00 to 10:00 p.m. Eastern US

Author Chat Schedule

Tuesday - May 5th - Author Frank Say

Tuesday - May 12th - Author J. E. Braun

Tuesday - May 19th - Author Andrea Kulman

Tuesday - May 26th - Author Elaine Charton

Tuesday - June 2nd - Author Donald James Parker

Tuesday - June 9th - Author Martha Jette

Wednesday - June 10th - Author Madelyn Lorber

Thursday - June 11th - Author Linda J. Hutchinson

Friday - June 12th- Author Lyn Armstrong

Tuesday - June 16th - Author Elizabeth J. Van Amelsvoort

Tuesday - June 23rd - Author Jean Harrington

Tuesday - June 30th - Author Deanna Jewel

Tuesday - July 7th VACATION - NO CHAT

Tuesday - July 14th - Author Arlene Radasky

Tuesday - July 21st - Author Linda Ciletti

Tuesday - July 28th - Author Charlotte Holley

Tuesday - August 4th - Author Nancy Kaiser

Tuesday - August 11th - Author Heidi M. Thomas