Thursday, January 08, 2009

Bruce Cook/Brant Randall VBT Happening NOW

I've had the pleasure of reviewing two of the books by these/this author(s). Bruce Cook writes suspense/thrillers and Brant Randall has written an historical novel based on a story his grandmother told him regarding the KKK in the New England states in the early 1900's. Both were well written and enjoyable reads. In fact, if you scroll down quite a ways, you'll find my reviews of both books; Philippine Fever and Blood Harvest.

I also had the opportunity to interview Bruce, and then Brant while on staff at The Writer's Chatroom. Great fun both times.

Today marks the one-month anniversary since the extreme makeover of my spine/neck and I'm still in a neck brace (only two more months to go!!), with limited mobility and energy. However, I would happily have joined in on this VBT if physically able.

Even though Bruce/Brant lives and works in CA and I'm in OH and we've never met, I consider him a friend and will continue to support him in his writing career.

Print out this post, pop into one of the virtual stops and leave a comment. Guaranteed to be fun.

"Stop by to see the author mercilessly skewered. Add comments of your own!" Bruce/Brant

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