Monday, November 02, 2009

Treasure of Eden

Title: Treasure of Eden
Author: S. L. Linnea
Publisher: St. Martin’s Paperbacks
ISBN: 0-312-94216-8
EAN: 978-0-312-94216-8
Pages: 351

Army Chaplain Jaime Richards plans to take a much needed R & R from her tour of duty in Iraq. But first she must tend to the spiritual needs of a wounded soldier and then thwart an attacker on her way to the plane.

From the Judean wilderness to Switzerland to Paris, she is chased, shot at, and then tortured by ruthless rogue CIA political officer and black-market antiquities trader Frank McMillan. McMillan believes that “he who rules Eden rules the world”.

Through it all Jaime gives up neither her faith, her love of Country, nor her angst for lost-love Yani.

As the clock ticks down on an eBay auction for a bejeweled box held by a Bedouin tribe in the hills of the Judean wilderness, the box—first discovered in 1954 and thought to bring good fortune to the tribe—disappears.

The race to find the box is fouled with the kidnapping of the young bride of the Hajj, misappropriations of Israeli military equipment and personnel, and murder.

From the wealthiest and most power-hungry moguls attending the invitation-only World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to an aging rock star’s haven in Paris, to the Judean wilderness, to Eden, Jamie is pursued at every turn.

Treasure of Eden is a suspense-filled thrill ride, impossible to put down! Although it is the third in the Eden series, it possesses all the flavor and texture of a stand-alone. Each character is multi-dimensional serving a duality of purpose.

Heartily recommended for the adventurous mystery/suspense reader, although romance lovers will find it just as delicious.