Sunday, May 31, 2009

VBT--Christine Duncan, June 1st

Christine Duncan is the featured guest at a virtual book tour stop on June 1st. Her latest book, Safe House, isn't quite out yet due to some unfortunate delays. However, Christine will be stopping by to respond to reader's comments, so please check back often.

Thanksgiving is coming up fast and the snow is starting to fall, plunging Colorado into a winter wonderland.

But who has time to celebrate? Certainly not battered women's counselor Kaye Berreano. With two teens, a job that tends to claim all of her attention and a new relationship with police investigator Pete Farrell, Kaye is more than a little overwhelmed.

When a kid she has known since birth turns up dead and her own son, RJ becomes a suspect, Kaye is forced into an investigation that leads her from the safe house to her own house.

An excerpt is available at, where you may also snag your own copy for a most reasonable price.

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