Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Review: The Olive Horseshoe

Title: The Olive Horseshoe
Author: Ben F. Small
Publisher: Night Shadows Press
ISBN: 978-0-9799167-2-4
Pages: 357

Depth of character and exotic locales keep the action rolling at a clip which allows us license to accept that Denton Wright had become a billionaire at such a young age, that his insecurities were the driving force behind his martial arts training, and that he’d been on an extended kayaking—and soul-searching—trip through Maine when his father was murdered.

The prologue, which depicts the torturous murder of the senior Mr. Wright and a fellow traveler on a seniors’ excursion through Spain and Morocco, gives us as few clues to work from as it does Denton and his assistant, Mandy. Enter Jenna Rogers, daughter of the second ill-fated traveler and her California winery foreman Carlos, to rub raw the tangled mass of emotions.

The killer(s) left one signature calling card: The Columbian Necktie.

Add to the mix Howard Wright’s Manhattan law partner and his son, travel snafus, language barriers, break-ins, subsequent and supposedly unrelated murders, alpha-male personality issues, high-end surveillance gadgetry, an international drug cartel, and sheer gut instincts—and it’s one hell of a ride!

Will Denton find his soul as he grapples with the twisted minds of those intent on destroying him—and every other life he touches?

Delightful mystery/suspense/thriller. A very satisfying read.

Linda J. Hutchinson

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