Friday, December 26, 2008

Reading mss of C. Hope Clark

Currently reading Ms. C. Hope Clark's mss. Enjoying it very much. I can't even tell you the title yet. But, I can tell you it's a good story with a great opening hook.

Having to wear a neck brace post-surgery makes reading a tough endeavor. I have to prop 5 pillows behind me on the bed and then prop 3 pillows on my stomach to hold the book, or in this case a stack of copy paper, in a position that I can read it through my tri-focal lenses - while maintaining my spine in the prescribed supine position.

Yeah, yeah, go ahead and laugh. Just wait until your spine falls apart.

My motto: "Never Give Up!"

You can follow the ups and downs of my recovery at

And, yes, my website is still down. My .com is probably lost forever. I'm working with GoDaddy to get it set up again. If you have tried to email me at linda@ I didn't get it. Please use hutchlj at yahoo dot com until further notice. Thank you!

Oh, I nearly forgot to say "Tripod/Lycos sucks - lousy webhost!"

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