Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Register for the FR*E Muse Online writer's con

This will be the third year in what promises to be a great writer's conference, totally fr*e and with no travel expenses. After attending the first two years, I signed on to be a presenter. I'll be presenting the "Write for the Trades" segment, both in a live chat and in a week-long forum.

Here's the link:

Lea will be sticking to her guns on the September 1 sign-up date this year! This is an incredibly management-intensive project for her and she does it all as a labor of love. It's also expensive for her to pay for the forum and conference rooms, so please leave a donation at the site. She'll appreciate it and you can be assured she'll be able to do it all again next year.

And before I forget, AGAIN, my online store - Linda's Gifts and Decor - is open for business. Just send me an email to receive your complimentary $10 gift card. I'm also covering the shipping on all orders over $50.

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