Friday, May 23, 2008

Chat with Brant Randall this Sunday at TWC

I keep hoping that google/blogger will get this issue resolved, but ... I'm still having to sneak through the back door to get into my blogs - one at a time. The dashboard seems to slap my hand every time I get near it.

If these 404 error problems persist I'll have no choice but to move this site elsewhere. Please stay tuned.

This Sunday, May 25th I'll be interviewing Brant Randall, author of Blood Harvest (and his alter-ego Bruce Cook of Philippine Fever) at The Writer's Chatroom.

Brant/Bruce is becoming one of those "old friends" and I hope he keeps pouring out the books. His writing style is one I enjoy very much whether he's in historical mode or action mode.

On June 1 I'll be interviewing J D Rhoades at TWC! I'll even admit to cyber-stalking him until he said yes.

I've completely re-vamped my website again. This time you'll find oodles of writer's and reader's aids with an abundance of live links to helpful "stuff". Take a look and let me know what you think:

I'm hoping to have more reviews up soon. Have finished Brett Battle's The Cleaner. Fabulous book! He is the only author I know who sold his first book to a major publisher.

Have also finished reading Pandora Key by Lynne Heitman, Glitter of Diamonds by N J Lindquist, and Beloved Castaway by Kathleen Y'Barbo.

And ... I made today's freelance deadline only 4 minutes late - even though the deadline had been moved up because of the holiday weekend.

Now to reward myself by going outside and pulling weeds in one of the new flower beds ... ahhhh, life is good.

I ALMOST FORGOT! Lisa Logan sent me this:
Catch the Creme de la Highlights of Behind-the-Scenes Romantic Fiction!
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