Thursday, April 24, 2008

Review of Blood Harvest by Brant Randall

Title: Blood Harvest
Author: Brant Randall
Pages: 286
Publisher: Capital Crime Press
ISBN: 13:978-0-9799960-1-6
ISBN: 10: 0-9799960-1-5

Brant Randall delivers in this historical mystery based on a story told to him by his grandmother. Although most of us think the KKK was a southern phenomenon, it had a direct hold on the New England states where this story unfolds—and in most other states across the nation.

Brought to life is 1920’s America; a time of prohibition, bootleggers, mob rule, the first sexual revolution, unionization of the workplace, the Spanish Influenza epidemic, returning war veterans of all races and ethnicities, the League of Nations’ promise of no more war, a huge influx of immigrants, speak-easies and jazz. It was a time of extravagant prosperity and extreme poverty.

Told in nine unique voices is the story of the trial and lynching of one successful immigrant, brought about by the greed and jealousy of a moonshiner rival. More intriguing is that the immigrant was married to the rival’s daughter.

How did another body show up at the death site? How much did law officials know beforehand? Was “justice” manipulated to serve specific purposes?

Although fictionalized, Blood Harvest brings us real history. How many of our direct descendants were members of the KKK in that time? Or are now? This book will beg you to search for answers to those questions.

The author’s impeccable research brings history to life. Blood Harvest is a highly recommended read!

Linda J. Hutchinson

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