Wednesday, March 07, 2007

A Red Dark Night by A.P. Fuchs

A Red Dark Night
by A P Fuchs
ISBN: 0-9734848-0-2
Coscom Entertainment
Pages: 214

If you’ve ever been to summer camp … this is the “stuff” of the best campfire tales! Just don’t let your kids read it before heading off to Camp Silverway.

Fuchs leads us to a night decades ago where he introduces the nightmare of B-horror red syrupy goo, and then on to one tormented survivor’s attempts to overcome the nightmare by re-visiting the camp—this time as a counselor.

Creatures of darkness and blood multiply rapidly to engulf the camp in a dome of blood, leaving our heroine and Tarek with no place to go.

Quick pacing, intense sexuality and believable characters, make this a quick read. We travel through time and on to another world—or our world in the future or the past?—before splashing down again to re-live the past, and just maybe the future, all over again.

Linda J Hutchinson

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