Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Phil and The French Country Inn by Cree Forman

Phil and The French Country Inn
by Cree Forman
ISBN: 0-9748791-0-X
Pages: 178

Phil Forman began writing a cookbook at the urging of his customers. He’d managed to build and run a successful French restaurant, in a tiny North Carolina town, without ever having been to France. It’s no wonder his guests wanted those recipes immortalized.

Phil and wife Cree were able to make several trips to France over the years, but Phil passed away before he could complete his cookbook. Based on the love and trust of 47 years of marriage, Cree took on the task of completing not only the cookbook, but the story of Phil’s Country Inn, his years as a chef, his training in France, and his “Daddy” years.

With love, Cree takes us on the winding roads through the mountains and valleys of France and lets us get to know the French men and women they encountered, and those who became lifelong friends. We also meet their customers in North Carolina, and some unsavory folk both here and abroad.

This book will appeal to anyone studying French cooking, wishing to visit France, or who just wants to read about a man who never gave up on his dreams—and of the woman who loved him enough—believed in him enough—to help him realize those dreams and the completion of his book.

Linda J. Hutchinson

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