Sunday, November 02, 2008

Sci-fi and God - The Leaps of Faith Tour!

Karina Fabian, who with her husband, edited Infinite Space Infinite God, a highly acclaimed sci-fi anthology with a religious twist. Or is that some religion with sci-fi? Somewhere along the way the two intertwined to make a very good read.

Karina is a prolific writer and the brain-child behind the Leaps of Faith Virtual Blog Tour that started, oops, yesterday. (It was dear husband's and my 18th wedding anniversary, so posting to blogs wasn't real high up on the to-do list.)

Stop by at any or all of these tour stops for information, inspiration, some guidance, and a whole lotta glimpses into making great fiction.

November 1

In Spirit and Truths:

Free Spirit:

Time With Tannia

November 2

Tree Lady:

Cathi's Chatter:

November 3-9

Christian Fiction Review Blog:

Bibliophile's Retreat

Cathi's Chatter:

November 4

Bibliophiles Retreat:

November 5

Cathi's Chatter:

Teresa Slack:

November 7

Bibliophile's Retreat: a href="

November 13

The Book Connection:

November 14

The Book Connection:

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Karina Fabian said...

Hi, Linda,

Thanks for posting this information!

God bless you this season!

Karina Fabian