Thursday, July 03, 2008

Hooray! Finally Back In at Blogger!

Hooray! I'm finally back into the dashboard here at Blogger! It's been FOUR LONG MONTHS since I've been able to get in here. It all started when I kept getting 404 Not Found every time I typed in

I finally found usable help at You can't imagine my frustration as I worked through the help provided by nitecruzr at Blogger - the ONLY help I got there, was lied to by everyone I talked to at the help desk at my cellular ISP, and then searched the web until I found TechGuy.

You're in for it now because I have a backlog of reviews and posts to get up here and at my other blogs ... right after we return from a trip to Cleveland for a family wedding.

I'm currently reading X-Rated Blood Suckers by Mario Acevedo and it is one great read. I've never been interested in vampires and don't read much fantasy, but this book is funny, intriguing, interesting, and "it could happen".

Okay, I'm off to pack.

Oh ... don't forget to check in at my website. It's new and improved with many more links for writers and readers.

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